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Vision / Mission / Goals



The leading quality University for alls to be hands-on scholars based on the inventive and innovative undament associated with science and technology research from local to international society.




  • To foster and higher education system based on Science and Technology with a focus upon producing hands-ongraduates with moral principles and self-reliance
  • To shape the model of hands-on scholars based on science and technology
  • To offer the opportunity of higher education for diploma students
  • To conduct the research and academic service focusing on knowledge and innovation
  • To maintain art and culture including environmental conservation
  • To manage the impartial good governance, allowing for an autonomous institution





    To be a leading university in producing graduates with the hands-on skills, creativity, innovation, and knowledge of science, technology and research to serve the community so that it may meet international standards. RMUTL, a university of science and technology, aims to produce graduates who will be acknowledged on 3 levels :

  • To rank in the top 5 national universities by the year 2015
  • To rank in the top 10 ASEAN regional universities by the year 2017
  • To rank in the top 100 international universities by the year 2021



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