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RMUTL Magazine issue11
Thursday 29 August 2019

 On the occasion of The Royal Coronation Ceremony of Rama X B.E.2562 (2019), we had opportunity to appreciate the prestige of His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn Bodindradebayavarangkun as well as learning about magnificent Thai tradition and ceremony. We carry out our duties in fulfilling the royal wish for public and feel grateful for his virtue. There is a change in Thailand’s education system this year. Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation is established. Raja... >> Read more

RMUTL students have been awarded the National Prize for the Invention of the Telemedicine for Medicine Support.
Friday 23 August 2019

RMUTL students have been awarded the National Prize for the  Invention of the Telemedicine for Medicine Support. A team of two RMUTL students from Electrical engineering and telecommunication program under Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education has been awared the winnining prize from the Youth's Electronics Circuit Contest 2016: YECC 2016  for the undergruaduates team. The contest was held in the Thailand" Contest Festival 201... >> Read more

RMUTL Nan campus lecturers pop ideas for northern food lovers, producing Ma Khaen bouillon soup cubes “one cube can be cooked around the world.
Tuesday 20 August 2019

Food is a reflection of the lives of local people, raw ingredients indicate the identity of cooking as if it is an art of mixing and blending diversities together into a fine cuisine. A way of life inherited from generation to generation, so it is not surprising that the food of each region is varied. This is due to the availability and limitation of ingredients in the community. Northern Thai food has been popular and well-known, it has distinguished itself with the uniqueness of tastes which is a mixture of... >> Read more

Happiness is in Giving
Tuesday 13 August 2019

Students from the Faculty of Engineering, RMUTL, Phitsanulok, a mainstay of a Volunteer Teachers for Community Club, initiated a volunteering project on “The 13th RMUTL, Phitsanulok for School Development, Academic Year 2018.” It was held between February 8 – 10, 2019 at Ban Na Fong Dang, Nakorn Thai Sub-District, Nakorn Thai District, Phitsanulok Province. The activities included: improving public utility systems, such as electricity, toilets, playgrounds, school areas; providing... >> Read more

7 postures to get a six- pack, flatten belly, Fit & Firm body
Tuesday 13 August 2019

Today, exercise become more and more popular among people and obviously, having  six-pack and maintain good shape seems to be the most common trend for both men and women.  Nowadays, woman’s lifestyle is likely to change very quickly. Workout trends is highly being paid attention to especially building a rock-hard six-pack. However, to get a favourable outcome for example a perfect shape, strong muscles and good health , exercise commonly takes time... >> Read more

Air treatment and indoor disinfection by using electrostatic techniques
Friday 09 August 2019

Air treatment and indoor disinfection by using electrostatic techniques for solving the problems of measuring particles instrument in the atmosphere by using electrostatic techniques illustrated in Figure 2. This displayed the structure of air treatment and indoor disinfection developed for the use in hospitals, households, general offices, schools where those are suitable for work, price, and acceptance of commercial users. The qualities of air treatment and indoor disinfection compose of pre... >> Read more

STEM I Local Wisdom and Young Innovators
Thursday 08 August 2019

STEM I Local Wisdom and Young Innovators, under mentor corporative development project 2018 contributed knowledge exchange, development, innovation, creative teaching, and create community activities by adopting STEM. STEM can be adapted to daily life and develop quality of Rajamangala University of Technology Lana learning outcome of students in the future. RMUTL focus on science and technology by providing academic services activities in northern part which consist of 6 provinces such as Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai... >> Read more

Research and Innovation for Answering Social Challenges
Wednesday 07 August 2019

Air dust mass meter PM10 and PM2.5 in the air with electrostatic techniques Air dust mass meter PM10 and PM2.5 in the air with electrostatic techniques has developed by the prototype meter using the principle of electrostatic current of particles through High Efficiency Particulate-Free Air Filter or HEPA. This can quickly detect and collect samples of dust in the air both dust partic... >> Read more

Hands- on graduate… the key of manpower development in the 21st century
Tuesday 06 August 2019

Vocational management in the form of vocational field by apply with integration science and technology. It is considered an important agenda for Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna. The important issue is the graduates which we have already produced for the labor market and can respond to the need of the country.  In the forms of working, hiring or career comprise of innovative Technological content advances research the entrepreneur or graduate user will be a clear reflection, leading to the... >> Read more

What is STEM education and why Thai students must learn
Friday 02 August 2019

STEM Education may not a new education in our country and important key of developing in Thai education plan clearly identified that many people might heard this word but may not know what is STEM stand for and where it from? So we are going to find the answer with RMUTL STEM team together. Asst. Prof. Dr.Jutturit thongpron head of STEM study project team at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL) said the concept of STEM education or transliteration to STEM study. At first,... >> Read more

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