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Electronic and Automatic Control System 2018 youth camp
Thursday 10 January 2019

Major of Engineering program in Electronic and Automatic Control System, RMUTL Tak held the youth camp on November 14th, 17th, 18th, 2018 to educate for the students in Tak province. The training lessons were about basic of electronic technology and automatic control system, robot demonstration and electronic project, using Micro-Controller program, Smart farm, Controlling the electric device via smartphone, and connecting the electrical circuit. There were grade 12 students from... >> Read more

Technical Computer division sent the instruction media to blind
Thursday 09 June 2016

Asst.Prof. Udom Sutakam‚ vice president for strategy and development RMUTL along with Dr. Kitchar Chaitanu‚ Dean of faculty of Engineering‚ Dr.Yoopadee Hatthasin‚ adviser and 4th year students of  engineering gave 7 instruction medias to the northern school for blind under the patronage of the queen. Mr.Pramaun Ploykamolchum‚ director for school received these equipments on 31th may‚ 2016.           Dr.Yoopadee Hatthasin said that “These students’... >> Read more

Men's soccer team RMUTL win internationally.
Friday 03 June 2016

Asst. Prof. Arsakit Premsak and Prof. Khot Kaeo Thirayut The trainer Leading The football players RMUTL lanna meet Assoc Prof Dr.Namyut Songthanaphithak Chancellor, On the occasion of win the football program 2nd South and Southeast Asia College Student Culture and Sports Week, In the project Sports and Culture Camp at Kunming University of Science and Technology at People's Republic of China During the day 22-31 ... >> Read more

Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna students won gold medals and able to get through ASEAN labor skills competition by the end of 2016
Thursday 02 June 2016

Rajamangala students won two gold medals from 26th National Skill Competition at Bangkok International Trade Exhibition and Convention Center‚ BITEC Bangna‚ Bangkok‚ 2-3 February 2016. This was the 3rd championship in robotic. Moreover‚ they also won two silver medals and two honorable award‚ grab a ticket to attend the ASEAN Labor Skills Competition to later this year. Electrical engineering students‚ Faculty of Engineering‚ RMUTL participated in Mecatronic‚ Mobile robotic‚ and... >> Read more

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