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RMUTL organized new bessinessman development training (Start Up)

Publish : Friday 24 June 2016 By APINYA POOLTRUB จำนวนผู้เข้าชม 425 คน

ยังไม่มีคะแนนสำหรับบทความนี้ ผู้อ่านสามารถให้คะแนนบทความได้จากปุ่มข้างใต้

RMUTL organized new bessinessman development training (Start Up), 2016 in foundational level course for people who lack of foundational bussiness knowleadge Gen 2. Assoc.Prof.Dr.Numyoot Songthanapitak, President of RMUTL presided over this event on 10th  June, 2016 at meeting room 3. He said that “New businessman is the beginning of  operating the organization according to the country’s economy. Therefore, this training is giving the foundational bussiness knowledge for new bessinessman moreover, it shows an example to create a bussiness by bringing successful ans unsuccessful bussinessman”.

This course is foundational level course (Module 3) such as General Marketing, General Management, Production Planning and Control, Acounting anf Finance, Human Resource Management. Aj.Pakphum pakwipas ,  Aj.Kritsaya Ma-ae and Dr. Kanwara were  RMUTL lecturers on 10th -12th  June, 2016.

News by Supaporn Saengprasit and Sumitra Onprom Student of EIC RMUTL /PR Division Trainee 

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