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 Date : 2019-06-14

Gasifier Stove
Friday 14 June 2019 / Activity News

The issue of energy and the energy requirement in the Thailand increase every year Impact the fuel such as LPG gas has increased the price have an impact on production costs and energy consumption of households sector. Such factors form biomass or agricultural waste materials firewood as an alternative in the substitution of gas LPG by the process Gasification heat processing and applying to the gas stove-fire supplier is a viable way to help reduce your energy costs.    Mr.Suriyong Prachakie... >> Read more

Brailler fighter Braille typing training game learning society
Friday 14 June 2019 / Activity News

 “We look at the work of the senior year. Working visually impaired See that in school. There are a few brains and high prices to order from abroad. We want to use the knowledge we learn. Develop software that gives everyone access to braille and wants to learn along the way”. NatthaPhong ThiChuea talks about the inspiration for the creation of print, Braille training games.       For those who are visually impaired media to influence lifestyle media ... >> Read more

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