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RMUTL students have been awarded the National Prize for the Invention of the Telemedicine for Medicine Support.

Publish : Friday 23 August 2019 By APINYA POOLTRUB จำนวนผู้เข้าชม 94 คน

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RMUTL students have been awarded the National Prize for the  Invention of the Telemedicine for Medicine Support.

A team of two RMUTL students from Electrical engineering and telecommunication program under Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education has been awared the winnining prize from the Youth's Electronics Circuit Contest 2016: YECC 2016  for the undergruaduates team. The contest was held in the Thailand" Contest Festival 2016. The contest has designed under the concept of  "From STEM to Startup: Creation of Human Resourses for Startup Business Thailand" . The project promotes the innovation of various disciplines; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in the production of creative projects for the mean of national competititon. Heceforth,  this project has given a flatform for thai youth to exchange their talents.  Moreover, many interesting ideas and projects by the contemporary youth can be applied to the development of various disciplines associated with science and technology.  Apart from this, the concept of sustainable projects would contribute to the efective improvement of the country. The study of science and technology can be taken into practice and fulfill  the country’s demands for the  oppourtunity to start up the business (Startup). The program has received an honest from Dr. Pichet Durongkhaverot, the minister of the Ministry of Scicne and Technology  as the chairman.  

Mr. Apirak Sangn-Gern-Chai and Mr. Apinan Boonthong, two 3rd year students from Electrical engineering and telecommunication program under Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education, the faculty of Engineering, RMUTL have awarded the winner prize for the youth competion of electronic curcuits. The awarded prize was for the innovative   invention of   “The Portable Multi-parameter for Telemedicine”. This invention has received a great attention as it can be applied for medicines and medical benefits in the future.  The successful project has given an advise  by Aj. Phadungsak Wongkhawkeaw and Aj. Panuwat Malasam.

Mr. Apirak, one of the project team member has given a remark that of  the invention  of “The Portable Multi-parameter for Telemedicine” has influenced by the treatments through internet system and the Videoconference which is found to be the most effective for Telemedicine. There are several tasks which can be implemented to enhance the potential of distance  medicines and treatments. With this regards, this innovative  medical knowledge would provide a significant advantages for medical staffs for the development of medicines.  Moreover, this finding was actually aimed at providing more conviniences  relating medical treatments to the villages and the population who live in  a remote areas. Therfore the aim of this project were; to educate the rural areas population who lack in an opportunity to access to innovative medical services; to develop the understanding of the people reagrding heatlth care  particularly the people who live far from the hands of doctors, nerses or medical staffs.  The idea of the project is that it helps the patients to get immediate interaction with potential doctors through distance communication. However, this project needs to be developed and improved in oder to give the best advantages to medicines.   

                Thailand IT Contest Festival is considered to be a well-known flatform which allows the competition of potential innovative projects deal with Technology. It povides the opprotunities for knwoledge exchange between the creative and talented youth from various parts  of Thailand. the contests were held at NECTEC anually with the aim to promote the application of knowledge on Technology, electronics, computer and information technology among Thai youth for the improvement of economics and society’ conditions.  The project believs that the awareness of global technology advancement  is necessary for the collection of lnowledge, wisdom, and can give a significant contribution to the development and improvement of human resourses which is found to be the most effective factor to raise the country’s economics growth. Henceforth , the concept of the IT contest can be explained as  “From STEM to Startup: The Creation of Human Resourses for Startup Business in Thailand. For the Thailand IT Contest Festival 2016 has been held between 15-17 March 2016 at Mahisorn Halls, SCB Park, Thai Commercial Bank, Co. Ltd, Bangkok. This gathering allows many  IT  inventions were represented by the youth from all over Thailand under 4 main activities.   

Reference :Glossary;TELEMEDICINE


The difference between the  maximum frequency and the minimum frequesncy in a continuous range of the frequescies can be used to indicate the capability of data transmission at certain period of time. Herz (Hz) is named for the number of the occurrences of a repeating event per second.

Decoding (CODEC)

The abbreviation  for coder and decorder of the transmission of images signals or annalog data into images and digital sounds  or even to convert images and digital sounds into image signals and analog sounds.

  Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM))

To standardize the format for digital image and communication in Medicine and well as for data exchange between medical appliance.

Health Level Seven International: HL-7)

International standard for the descriptions of information and data trasfering through the electronic exchange between health care services.

Real time Communication

 Data rasfering through satellite consists of  data recording system, trasnponder, communication channels; reciever and decoder and the GPS (Global Positioning System). Real time communication allows thee users to receive the data through the satellite named “Inmarsat – C” and  NOAA(ARGOS system)

 Store and Forward

This is another way to transfer the message, data or information where the content will be stored in the original source in order to provide a potential data before carry the collected data to the its destinatiosn.


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