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Cowboy Hat Punching Machine

Publish : Tuesday 29 March 2016 By Naritsara Sakulson จำนวนผู้เข้าชม 552 คน

ยังไม่มีคะแนนสำหรับบทความนี้ ผู้อ่านสามารถให้คะแนนบทความได้จากปุ่มข้างใต้

People in Thailand‚ a tropical country‚ always hat to protect them from heat and sunlight. Some hats like thatched ones ventilate the air while some like cowboy hats which are made from synthetic leather or material don’t let the air flow. Holes on these kinds of hats are necessary; the machine for making holes is needed. A cowboy hat punching machine is an innovation invented by a group of three students of Industrial Technology‚ Engineering Faculty of Rajamangala  University of Technology Lanna Lampang‚ namely Mr. Tanarat Wansudjai‚ Mr. Nawakun Kumkrua and Mr. Rachanon Suksiwan‚ under supervision of Mr. Pongsakorn Surin and Ms. Manintra Jaikumpan‚ their lecturers. The project employed Hands-on Researcher budget which emphasized on forwarding students’ knowledge management for better life of community‚ Ban Laeng Village‚ Tambon Boonnakpattana‚ Amphur Muang‚ Lampang Province. The project started by studying the problems and checking the product process of cowboy hat making. It was found that there were only two employees who are skillful in punching holes on the hats by hand‚ using a puncher consuming 15-20 minutes per hat which caused a delay in delivering. The newly-invented machine has four important parts: the body machine‚ the mold‚ the body Hat‚ and the cover. It took only ten minutes to produce one hat that serves the customers’ needs.

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