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RMUTL students received the academic excellence but lacking capital scholarship from Siam Commercial Bank (SCB)
Monday 19 November 2018

Assoc. Dr. Teerasak Urujnanon, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs,  and  Asst. Dr. Peera Junoisuwan, the director of Student Development Department, were pleased to be the witness for giving scholarships to  the tourism and hospitality students, Miss. Pongtip Chuernai and Mr. Rittilong Homniam, for 10,000 baht. The scholarships were given by Mr. Kridkamol Supukkanok, the director of Siam Commercial Bank Chiangmai, and SCB staffs of Chiangmai University at the meeting room, 2nd floor... >> Read more

Innovation of natural blue color from Khokhodo seeds for the Fashion design and Product Design Souvenirs to international markets
Tuesday 28 June 2016

       Blue is color of Friday and it represents birthday’s color of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit. She is a conservator and supporter of Thai Arts and Crafts such as Thai Textile, as well-known in the world. RMUTL realized the royal grace of Her Majesty, so we create a course to preserve and develop Thai Textile by bringing Khokhodo seed; it is blue color natural material. It was applied to product design souvenirs and Creative Economy fashions. Currently, this idea is accepted... >> Read more

Cowboy Hat Punching Machine
Tuesday 29 March 2016

People in Thailand‚ a tropical country‚ always hat to protect them from heat and sunlight. Some hats like thatched ones ventilate the air while some like cowboy hats which are made from synthetic leather or material don’t let the air flow. Holes on these kinds of hats are necessary; the machine for making holes is needed. A cowboy hat punching machine is an innovation invented by a group of three students of Industrial Technology‚ Engineering Faculty of Rajamangala  University of... >> Read more

Mushroom Production
Tuesday 29 March 2016

As mushroom is a source of high protein‚ vitamins and minerals‚ it is in high demand. Its high demand interests farmers to produce more. Mr Chai-tawat Jarutat‚ the lecturer of Mushroom Culture course at Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna‚ lampang‚ is a guest speaker of ‘Better-Life of Wor Kaew Village’ project to guide the members to produce mass mushroom step-by-step. It starts from transplanting to cultivation in plastic bags.  Moreover‚... >> Read more

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